Canadian Business Management schools, recognized world wide, offers various business and marketing programs. The foundation provided by these business schools is necessary in developing knowledge and skills much needed in the arena of Canadian industry. These Business Management schools also provide many core courses in finance, marketing, e-commerce, accounting, administration and law programs. Technology is incorporated in all courses, keeping in view the importance required in the fast moving corporate sector. Undoubtedly, theses courses are highly expensive and financial support is required. It is becoming very popular among the students to look for scholarship programs with the sky rocketing fee structure.

Many institutes have their own scholarship programs. Rotman School of Management, Toronto grants entrance awards to 15% of students on merit basis. Apart from this it offers a number of scholarships, fellowships and awards to students who have completed the first year of their MBA program. Financial condition of the student is also taken in consideration. With the joint support of government, donors and the university, many more scholarships are granted as decided by the administration.

Similarly, Schulich School of Business, Ivey Business School, Desautels School of Management, Queen’s School of Business, a few to name have their own patterns of granting scholarships. The funds allocated also differ from university to university.

How are RESP or scholarship programs a great help? 

Financial Assistance

Scholarship comes as a reward to study in best place and best university of your choice. It is a dream come true to study in top ranking business schools like Ted Rogers school of Business, Asper School of Business, Haskayne School of Business, Telfer School of Management, Gustavason School of Business, Alberta School of Business and many more. Financial assistance for students pursuing business course is a unique benefit. It helps the student to focus on his studies and career goals instead of thinking how to control cost of tuition fees and cost of living. It definitely reduces the pressure to maintain yourself.

Educational Benefit

Having a scholarship that pays for your professional education and day to day expenses reduces the risk of dropping out and not getting the degree. Heritage RESP or Scholarship helps a student to choose an institution of his choice. Apart from getting a degree in business management, a student has the option to opt for a double degree by pairing MBA with finance, management analytics or law.

Achieving goals

The goal of business management course is to attain a career where one can use the specialized skills to implement in the concerned industry to further achieve their goals. The scholarship strengthens and anchors the opportunity to take the course without any financial burden. Scholarship can help in a significant way by continuing the course to accomplish anyone’s current goals.

Career Benefits

After experiencing an enriched status of having attended a Business school and holding an MBA degree, the student is all set with vital employment skills. The scholarship will add on a star to the resume.Social responsibility is the key to any MBA program. The business ethics and managing strategy helps them in their career by becoming socially responsible.



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