Examples helpful in developing your own personal statements in order to prepare by Admissions Offices.
Write your personal statement, approximately 750 words, that identifies your career objectives, academic goals, why you apply to the program, and the biggest qualifications you have that convert you a strong candidate for this program.

1. Marketing consultancy to not-for-profit organizations.
I am currently a marketing manager for [XYZ], a large cancer charity. I have held this position
for three years. I am interested in studying an MBA to learn from industry leaders, and
explore and share innovative ways of doing business through team projects. I am also keen
to develop my management style and add consultancy and strategic thinking to my skills
portfolio, in preparation for a business venture that I have in mind.
During my business and marketing degree at [XYZ University], I took part in an enterprise
challenge: to provide a social media marketing campaign for a local company. One of the
judges was from [XYZ] and offered me a marketing assistant position, which I took up and
worked in part-time for the duration of my degree. I was promoted within a year to
marketing executive and completed my degree on a part-time basis to allow me to
undertake this role….
2. Currently employee as an Expert on the Big Indutry
I believe I am qualified for the [XYZ] School of Business because of my hard work,
perseverance, and passion. I have shown that I can work through hardships and finish
what I start, even though my undergraduate GPA may not demonstrate this. My GMAT
score shows that I am mentally ready for business school and I can think analytically.
I enjoy learning about business management and ways to make it more efficient…

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